Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Daily Prompt: Regretfully Honest?

I had been taught well that honesty was always the best policy.  Adults taught me this, and an adult was interviewing me, so I figured if anything, I could be honest with this man.

I was being interviewed for the second biggest and second most prestigious scholarship in the state.  Because I was planning to go out of state for college, I was not eligible for the biggest scholarship.  This scholarship was a combination of need-based and merit-based, but those details eluded me.  And since I was not fully aware of what was at stake, I was relaxed, and the interview seemed to be going well.  The man put me at ease, discussing my plans and goals, as well as my life situation.

It was only later, when I discussed the interview with my mom, that I was made aware of my mistake.  The interviewer had asked me of how I was planning to pay for college, and I told him what I knew; I told him that the college I was planning to attend, guaranteed me scholarship money, up to a certain amount.  That is, if I were to receive $1000 in scholarship money, they would bring the total amount up to $X.  (I really can’t remember the numbers.)  My mom explained how that probably ruined my chances for the scholarship I was being interviewed for.  They probably assumed that I didn’t really need their money.  And while it would have been nice to have that moment back, it doesn’t mean I would have gotten the scholarship.  In the long run, it mattered little.  I still got my college education and beyond.  It just kinda bothered me to disappoint my parents that way.





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