Daily Prompt: Just Shoot Me!

Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )“If I start watching golf on TV, just shoot me,” I told my wife.  She had taken notice of the fact that I was watching more and more sports on TV in those days.  What had started as a liking for professional American football expanded to college football, then to basketball, and now soccer.  I am sure she was thinking, where will it end?  But I do have my limits.  It seems I have never cared much for the “slow sports,” including golf and baseball.  Now I can understand playing golf, for the camaraderie and exercise.  And I have enjoyed going to an occasional baseball game, mostly to see the venue and to people-watch.  But the games themselves?  They bore me.  I have never seen cricket, but I am pretty sure where that would fall on my list of exciting sports — near the bottom.  


About Cinnwriter

Scientist who enjoys writing fiction, but can hardly find the time for it.
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  3. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I enjoy your blog 🙂 http://mwlangridge9.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/ive-been-vbad-again/ (I know you already saw it, but hey, lets make it official!)

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