Daily Prompt: In the beginning…

Daily Prompt: Origin Story.

“In the beginning” was not that long ago for me.  No, I wasn’t born yesterday, literally.  And I didn’t just begin to write.  I have always been fascinated with the power of the written word, which can not only provide conduit for a convincing argument, but can transport a person to places he or she may never visit.  I have never wanted to be only a spectator in this world of words; no, I wanted to create my own worlds…worlds which otherwise only exist in my mind.

But the prompt here was about the origins of my blog, which only began in May this year.  I happened to be Salsa dancing on a Sunday in a virtual world* called InWorldz, when I friend of mine from Sweden told me about a blog she writes.  I thought that might be fun, and it might give me a reason to write more, and to put myself out there.  I can’t remember what made me think about Tumblr, but I looked up that site and signed up there.  Shortly thereafter it occurred to me that Tumblr was not really what I was looking for…it was not really writing-specific enough.  When I found out that WordPress had writing challenges and prompts, I thought that might be for me.  And so far it has been.  What I was not really prepared for was the sheer amount of writing that goes on here.  Every day there is a prompt, and nearly 100 people answer the call!  That amazes me.  There is no way I can keep up with that.  There are whole weeks when I do not submit anything, but I still sometimes sneak a peek at others’ blogs.  And when I have both the luxury of time and spark of creativity, I am glad there is a place where I can go to try something out.

One thing that I did not anticipate is the potential for bonds between people who write here.  But that makes sense, too.  You can’t help but get to know the people who write about their lives.  And who couldn’t use another friend or two?

*(A side note on virtual worlds: these are also places where friendships form among people from all over the world.  In fact, I met my second and current wife there, over 4 years ago.  Someday I may blog about that.  I spend most of my virtual world time in Second Life, and I can be found in both Second Life and in InWorldz as the avatar Cinnaron Criss.  Feel free to drop by and say ‘hi’ sometime.)


About Cinnwriter

Scientist who enjoys writing fiction, but can hardly find the time for it.
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3 Responses to Daily Prompt: In the beginning…

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes, I would love to hear the story about meeting your wives. Thanks for the like and God bless.

    • Cinnwriter says:

      Perhaps I should clarify…It should be “wife,” not “wives”; that is, my second wife is also my current wife. 🙂 I should write a post about that sometime. As I said in my post, we met in a virtual world (Second Life) among of group of friends from all over the world. I liked her kind nature and the way she treated all the other people (called avatars) there with respect. I got to know this woman very well before I knew what she looked like. We got along so well that neither of us would have cared what we looked like once we met; we knew we had something special. We do each come with baggage, as does everyone. But we work through issues well, and we have no regrets. And the odd way that events conspired to bring us together makes us believe that it was a part of God’s plan for our lives. After all, we know He acts in mysterious and wonderful ways!

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