Daily Prompt: Bookworm

Daily Prompt: Bookworm.  John Irving: IN ONE PERSON

in one person by john-irving

Having read almost everything John Irving has written (but none recently), I was looking forward to this one.  His biography includes The World According to Garp (quite good), Cider House Rules (another good one) and A Prayer for Owen Meany (one of my favorites).  The man has a way of bringing humor to everyday situations, and then making you deal with a very tragic turn of events on the next page.  I used to say that Irving was my favorite author, but after this book (and another one that I now remember I couldn’t get into at all: Until I Find You), I think I may rethink that.  In One Person deals with a boy coming of age in the 60s and 70s with an uncertain sexual identity.  In trying to sort it all out, Irving puts the boy in a number of odd situations with homosexuals and transgender individuals, and tries to make it seem as though these encounters are the norm.  The boy decides that he is bisexual and along the way learns many things about his relatives that may have contributed to this decision.  I can’t say the writing was bad.  Irving is a good writer.  Perhaps it was the subject matter that was off-putting.  Not that I am unsympathetic to the problems faced by homosexuals or trangender folks.  Quite the contrary.  It may be that I had a problem with the book simply because as a solidly heterosexual man, I have never faced a struggle with my sexuality.

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